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The World of DeliBakie®

We believe in the timeless power of a smile,

in the simple, happy wonder of creating things in an oven, and sharing them. How those treats always make us feel warm and good, like we’re lit up from the inside.

That's why we created PURINA DeliBakie®

a range of wholesome readymade treats, oven baked to perfection.

Our Products

Discover our exciting oven-baked treats to share happiness with your dog everyday!

  • DeliBakie® Biscotti

    Oven baked savory sticks flavoured with Chicken & Bacon.

    DeliBakie® Biscotti More details
  • DeliBakie® Rolls

    Oven-baked crispy snacks with soft savoury centres with ham and cheese flavour.

    DeliBakie® Rolls More details
  • DeliBakie® Fishies

    Oven-baked crispy crackers flavoured with Edam and Gouda cheese.

    DeliBakie® Fishies More details
  • DeliBakie® Hearts

    Oven-baked crispy snacks flavoured with chicken and beef.

    DeliBakie® Hearts More details
  • DeliBakie® Stars

    Oven-baked shortbread cookies flavoured with cheese and beef.

    DeliBakie® Stars More details